but there is balance 


That's where I come in.

To help you identify what feels good and really look at what it is that YOUR body needs? 

I know what you're going to say ... 

Ohhhhh but it's so frustrating, all the food rules and diets, I just want to get rid of my heartburn, indigestion, stomach pains (insert digestive delema here) and I don't have a lot of time.    

You’re not alone ...

It's hard to prioritize our health, let alone make sense of all the do's & don't. 






we are living in an era where


our daily demands exceed our capacity 


as a result, most people feel as though something is missing from life, or that life's passing them by all together.




download (4).jpeg

let's get real

  Tell me if this sounds familiar

You know something's "off", but you haven't taken the time to acknowledge what's really going on.

It's way easier to coast through your chronic symptoms, I mean you've lived with them for this long, there almost kind of "normal" right?

Life is just too busy, too short, too rushed and anyway, it's not like you're bed ridden, so you suck it up, push through and adopt a keep'on truckin attitude.   

but let's be honest


your problems represent an imbalance in your body and overtime it will 

Develop into a chronic issue (if its hasn't already)

Deplete your body of much needed minerals & nutrients  

Create internal stress and inflammation -  the beginning of degenerative disease


full disclosure 


This was my reality day in and day out

The truth was, I hadn't felt good in a long time and it just seemed to be getting worse.

It started with:  Headaches & fatigue. 

And things got worse:  Severe indigestion, constant stomach issues, little to no energy, debilitating periods. I was loosing my hair and my teeth (no joke), I suffered from severe periodontitis. Chronic sinus problems, acidosis, joint pain, memory loss, immune deficiency - this is the part of my explanation that sounds like an infomercial for disease ... unhealthy living may cause ...  



here's what changed

I pushed pause on the things that didn't matter and started focusing on what did  

First was understanding it took years to burden my body with a barrage of symptoms. It was going to take some time to put myself back together. 

I slowed down my pace and tuned into my natural rhythm. I started doing things mindfully and gently began to shift my thoughts. 

I came to understand that the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one we've got.

the body is designed to heal if we give it what it needs . . .

so I just needed to figure out what my body needed

I started looking at my body's systems:





I began to question what could be effecting these systems to create a myriad of symptoms in my body. I looked at my past and present lifestyle and dietary choices, to begin to understand the historical landscape of my body and what would be needed for it's road to recovery. 

we create our own reality - for me that meant understanding where these underlying imbalances were coming from

I began to attune myself to practices that helped me gain a better understanding of what worked best for my body. 

feeling is healing.

it's tapping into who you are and what you need. 

It's an ever changing life long commitment between you and your body. once you take that leap - everything changes.  


nothing is perfect


we are here to play and observe and experiment and discover. having fun in the process is what makes it LIFE.