Scrub a dub dub one girl in a tub

Now that Fall has officially set in, I thought it best to let go of my seasonal denial disorder & any impending thoughts that there might just be another 20 degree day. Canadian winters are cold and long (it's how we preserve ourselves). The time has comes to nestle in, stock up on tea and work some magic on an array of root vegetables. In my experience the best way to rev up for an extended snowy season is to harness a warm winter glow from within. 

This year it dawned on me that shedding my summer skin (literally) might just be a grounding way to prep for the cooler months that lie ahead. And since our skin is our biggest organ, a little scrubbing could go a long way in helping to eliminate some of summer's excess. 

Now I admit I have had an encounter with the act of scrubbing before. It involved an old friend, one too many drinks and an adventurous walk in a small Korean town. The rest was shocking and rough, needless to say a cultural barrier was broken and neither myself nor my friend were eager to get our scrub on again after that. 

Flash forward 15 years and I find myself soaking in the tub with a scrub pad in hand. A far cry from the Korean bathhouses of my youth (though ironically enough the scrub pad I am using was made there). As I rubbed & scrubbed in circular motion from head to toe, I was amazed at how relaxing and pleasant scrubbing can be. I removed a fair amount of dead skin to reveal the soft supple skin underneath and overall I just felt renewed. 

Certainly one healthy thing I will be repeating again. 


Your skin will look fresh & rejuvenated. Essentially you are removing all the dead skin cells and impurities. What you are left with is glowing revitalized skin, that is soft and smooth with an improved overall tone.

Humans shed between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour and your outer layer of skin replaces itself every 35 days. Using a body scrub regularly aid in this process of skin renewal and rejuvenation. You are also increasing the body's overall circulation in the process. 

Removing your dead skin cells allows for easier absorption of a moisture into the healthy skin. Be generous with your moisturizer after scrubbing, your skin will need a refreshing topper in order to look supple and dewy. Important to note that the exfoliating component you use should be abrasive enough to remove dead skin without damaging the healthy skin underneath. 





Or get creative, with so many DIY scrub recipes on the internet, why not head into your kitchen to see what you can grab to accompany a nice long bath or shower. One of my favorites is coffee grinds mixed into whatever type of oil I have on hand : Coconut, Argan, Olive oil or Joba Joba. Maybe you just love getting goodies in the mail if so Frank Body is a line out of Melbourne, Australia using natural and naturally derived ingredients: coconut oil to moisturize, mint extract to awaken, cinnamon to improve shelf life, and the list goes on.

Happy scrub a dub dubbing !