Ahhhchooo not you

It's the middle of November, Halloween is over (yipeeeeeeeeeee) and we're sliding into the sparkle 'n shine of the season. The lure of glowing lights at every turn is enough to make you squeal. Eventually this orchestra of falling flakes will become a wash of white that covers the city and absorbs all it's sounds. Everything becomes light and bright and wether we want to or not, eventually we all slow down. 

Along with the relaxation and excitement of the season comes the aches and pains of the flu and it's unwelcome cousin, the common cold. That crunchy, crappy feeling in your head, throat and lungs, your battered body making way to overbearing bacteria that are waging and wining the war on you! 

But what if we could stop said bugs in their tracks, or at the very least bring them to a grinding hault.  Looking for a good does of "Oh no, not this time, I'll be wining this cold war"!?

Well without further a-do, I give you my top ten tips for fighting the flu. 

Happy healing friends. 

  1. Listen to the subtle signs - Are you tired, chilled or feeling run down. Don't wait 'till its too late, tune in and give your body what it needs to restore. Perhaps that means slowing down, consuming extra fluids or nutrients and doing things to remove stress at the end of your day. Create a morning and or evening routine that will let you do this. 
  2. Manuka honey & lemon - Produced in New Zealand, Manuka honey is packed with minerals, vitamins, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, and propolis. Unlike table sugar or artificial sweeteners, this honey is also a source of protein in addition to a carbohydrate. At the first sign of a sore throat, mix a large table spoon of Manuka honey with a freshly squeezed lemon and hot water. Feel free to add any of your faves - ginger, clove, orange peel to this healing handful of comfort. 
  3. Take a good probiotic twice a day - 70% of your immune system lives in your gut so it is important to replenish it with good bacteria. You will find probiotics in the fridge of most health food stores 
  4. Oil of oregano - Oregano oil comes from the oregano herb. It is extracted by steam distillation. Upon testing, it showed effectiveness against 25 different bacteria. Personally I prefer to take this in capsules form as it's very strong ! 
  5. Deep Immune - This is a great immune boosting tincture. It is used primarily as an antiviral to aid a weak immune system.  As the name suggests, it has a strengthening effect on our body's "deep immune" system. The primary herb is astragalus.  
  6. FLUSH, FLUSH, hydrate, FLUSH - Drink as much liquid as you can, ideally hot tea but water works wonders too. If you are not drinking you should be peeing ... flush flush flush your system so that bug can't hang on ! 
  7. Get your garlic on - Fresh onion and garlic are particularly powerful & potent, try and incorporate these into such meals as soup, salads and stews. Some of my favourite power packed snacks & meals include guacamole, salsa and salad dressings. The more the merrier (cloves that is) !
  8. Clean your nasal passage - Use a nasal solution to clean your passage twice a day. You can use a neti pot or hydra sense. Ears, nose & throat are all connected so its important to treat all three if you have a problem with one.  
  9. REST - Do it! Whatever that means to you, but do take breaks when necessary. Napping, deep sleeps or just resting the eyes is incredibly restorative and this is one of the best ways to heal your body quickly. 
  10. Just say 'no' to dairy & sugar - While a nice cold scoop of ice cream may feel oh so right on a sore throat, it actually has the opposite reaction in the body. Dairy thickens the mucus you have during a cold and mucus equals infection so we really want to do everything in our power to get it out, not put it in. Sugar suppresses our immune system and again we want to really take steps to support it. Eating a well balance diet with lots of green vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats is a good overall benchmark. 

Happy healing ... hopefully just prevention. Here's to all the sparkle n shine the season has to offer, minus a distracting cold.