from purge to pretty - how letting go will change your life

After a morning munch with some of my favourite Montreal mavens, I decided personal savings wasn't so hard and the potential for organizational bliss was real. While sipping my morning cup of joe and skipping over smiles, I became somewhat seduced with the exchange around the table. Notions of "sorting your things to make your life shine" & only keeping things that "spark joy", had me bursting with excitement, Yes, bursting ! The way these beauties discussed the ease of finding things was like music to my ears.

The perfect solution for a smaller space indeed. A clutter-less culture, I dared to dream. 

And dream I did, of a stunning organizational masterpiece know as home, my home to be exact. There was just one little problem with this perfect picture ...  my love of all things small. I'll admit I do my best to organize and can often be found spending my weekends on mini makeovers & reorganizing various nooks & crannies of our home. But somehow things tend to find their way back to chaos. 

This time last year, we were preparing to sell our home. My husband and I were RUTHLESS when it came to letting things go, in preparation for the sale. If there was the slightest bit of hesitation, we showed some gratitude, wished it bon voyage & it was off to Goodwill. As we "cleaned" the house it gradually turned into a war zone. Everything was inside out and upside down, on display in various piles of assorted sizes and it seemed like there was no end in sight. We questioned our motives, wondering if in fact we had made the right move embarking on such a journey. 

To our delight there was a glorious silver lining after the scrap storm, it was almost as if we were in a brand new home. We had space, we could move, we could breath. Areas and rooms were bigger, items were easily visible and there was a new found sense of ease in getting ready that had ceased to exist prior to the purge. Things were just better, calmer and every pursuit had an air of pleasure to it. 

Now, a year later, things are jammed and jumbled again, but this morning's breakfast rekindled a tidy thought. After hearing my girls giddy with organizational glee, I knew it was time to revisit this wonderful practice. Perhaps you're feeling cluttered, clustered or just needing space; physically or mentally. I strongly suggest clearing one area of your home or office that is creating disruption in your life. Clear your frustration and make peace with your space, start small and stay focused. It's amazing how a clear space promotes a clear mind. 

And remember ...  

It always gets ugly before it gets pretty. 

There is no better feeling than knowing where something is and being able to find it with ease.

Organization is like bliss to your eyes. 

If you are looking for an organizational push my mavens swear by this book :   

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up ~ Marie Kondo

Purge away my pretties, and watch the magic unfold.