Early morning moves. How waking up with the sun can change your day.

This morning I found myself lying awake in what I thought was the dead of night, but in fact it was 5:15am. I tossed and turned making a weak attempt to fall back asleep until I heard a little "hello" echoing out of the darkness. I flipped over grabbed my man's hand and smiled ... not a bad way to wake up I thought to myself.  We've been battling a 7hr bout of jet leg for the last week and though I wasn't the one one travelling, falling asleep at 8:45pm and waking between 5am - 6am was far easier than expected. 

And so the day began, scurrying around and setting up our prospective mornings at 5:25am. As I began to get into my groove, it dawned on me that our neighbourhood yoga studio hosted a 7am class, a thought that used to make me chuckle. But there I sat, mouse in hand, staring at a dimly lit computer screen thinking 'why not?'.

Making my way to the studio in the dead of morning was rather strange. I typically practice mid day so it felt as though I was traversing the city at night. Nonetheless there was an air of excitement to it.  The excitement was energizing and lifting and the class seemed more in tune & fluid than usual. I believe there's value in directing one's focus into a given task shortly after a waking. It quiets your mind and allows you to set the pace of your day.  

After the class had ended, I walked outside of the classroom and noticed the natural light glowing around the studio windows. Walking by them I couldn't help but notice the beautiful bright hue of the sky outside.  I felt positive, focused and ready to start my day. I almost skipped home, feeling appreciative, alert and alive. I don't know what's in store for the rest of this day but I can say with certainty it will be good.

Interested in shaking up your morning routine ?

Why not try an early morning rise n shine, see what the extra hours bring and how it effects the rest of your day.

Perhaps a regularly scheduled wake up followed by some morning pages might be fun. They are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, about anything and everything that crosses your mind. Said to provoke, clarity, comfort, and help prioritize the day.

Maybe morning movement will help set a grounded tone to your day. Try walking, running or yoga, for some early exhilaration. 

We mustn't forget meditation, 5 - 10 minutes in the morning could help capture a sense of calm to carry with you through your day. 

Setting an intention to switch up the everyday is great ! We never know what we'll discover about ourselves and if we're lucky we'll see the world through a fresh set of eyes. 

Morning magic is in you ~ set it free !