imagine this

your days feel ...



& under control

You deserve to craft your next steps with certainty and reassurance, knowing that your on the right track and you're doing things from a place of purpose & passion.


sometimes in life 

it's easy to lose focus on what's really important


& that's ok

because without the shadows there wouldn't be light

you'll learn 

Simple soulful steps to reconnect you to what's important. 

A deeper understanding of your own needs and what it takes to access them.

a super clear picture of the who in you!  




This is one full day of getting knee deep into your shit!

We leave no feeling unexplored as we dive into deconstructing everything that’s going on with you.

Then we slowly start to build it back up again,  through the lense of lifestyle, habits, food, relationships and patterns.

Putting all the pieces together in a way that supports the whole picture of how you really want to feel.



crystal clear

descriptive direction

you'll get

A calm clear mind that prioritizes your daily rhythm in a way that makes your whole body feel great!

We spend an entire afternoon together getting into the thick of all your juice. At the end of the day you will have a

clear sense of what’s next

a plan steeped in purpose & passion

detailed customized action steps to whole body healing

This is a customized mind, body, soul boost.

A boost that is at the heart of helping you fuel your unique sense of vitality and vibrancy.  





ready to reconnect with

your unique clarity 


<> A full afternoon of soul therapy 

<> A customized action plan with specific recommendations around whole body healing and lifestyle choices

<> Comprehensive understanding of desired feelings

<> List of recommended exciting new foods + accompanying recipes + supplementation

<> List of mindfulness practices that best suit your lifestyle

<> List of simple soulful steps that support your feelings and intentions

<> Comprehensive notes + resources

<> One 30 minute follow up call to be upon completion of the Clarity Session - this allows you to check in and share your progress and troubleshoot any challenges you may have

<> 12 live voice messages after our session ends



how it works

A day of slow connective, reflective discussion and some serious revelations.


A day of slow connective, reflective discussion and some seriously soulful revelations! 

Once I receive notification that you are interested in, or have already purchased, your Clarity Session (either via this website or through contacting me directly), you will receive a welcome email, containing your welcome package, which explains how I work.

From there you will be able to specify your preferred date, and I will confirm our scheduled therapeutic Clarity date with you via email. 




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