welcome to your very own wellness wonderland 


A fresh take on giving back to your hard-working customers, employees, committees, chairs, and cheerleaders. A little love and a new perspective can go a long way in making a big difference in daily actions.

For the most, part the way we're working isn't working, Our daily demands are exceeding our capacity, and something's gotta give.


reenergize our lives 

to feel renewed, satisfied, and productive 

Begin to explore new ways of doing things by an introduction to new tools, different lifestyle choices, and healthier swaps. It's all about bringing awareness to daily challenges, and highlighting thought patterns that begin to promote change. 

Through mini steps and micro exposures, we can start to create the shift towards physical renewal, emotional importance, mental well-being, and an overall feeling of charged creativity. 


building balance


As a health coach, I am a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps people to feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Getting in touch with what really matters influences emotions, behaviours, and daily actions.

Raising awareness

nurturing intentions

creating change in ways that are attainable and sustainable 

let's work it out 

This is not your average workshop. I'm a bonafide soul hustler, always looking for ways to provide meaningful, authentic connection with whatever audience I'm engaging with.

Looking to get your hands on some therapeutic love?

These are some of the ways I work with businesses and organizations. 

+ seminar/talk

+ workshop

+ special events

+ menu planning 

+ giveaways - win a clarity session or morning magic subscription

+ in-house health coach 

+ travel / retreats 

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what people are saying 

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