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Lindsay is such a gem, you will rarely come across someone like her in your life. She has a magnificent energy that makes you feel at ease within seconds and she creates a safe space where you truly feel open,loved and worthy. 

She helped me shed light on what I should add, keep or remove from my life to find the perfect balance. I was able to refocus on what really matters to me and discover what happiness really is. It was like a deep cleanse of my heart, mind and soul.

I can't thank her enough for all the wellbeing I've experienced since our first session. 

- Camille Vachon
Feels so great to have a cheerleader, someone with your best interests at heart, always looking out for you!  

Lindsay has a HUGE heart and as her client you can feel it!  She would pop up in the week unexpectedly, like an angel looking out for me, to share knowledge, to check in on me, or to simply wish me a lovely week.

Her synthesis of my goals was note-worthy! She is a strong listener, an excellent executor and her meeting recaps were works of art packed with all sorts of tips and links.

If you are looking for support in being you're best Lindsay is a sure hit!

- Tara Hayes

Having the privilege of eating Lindsay's food is maybe one of my most favourite experiences in life. If Lindsay is cooking, you better believe you can smell the deliciousness down the block. When I think of her food, I think : Healthy! Colourful! Delicious and always made with so much love!
- Lesley Bohay
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Lindsay has been an inspiration for me in preparing, cooking, and lovingly displaying nutritious food.
She can transform something simple into an exquisite, unique and beautiful experience.
You have to live it to understand what I'm saying.
She has taught me great tips to simplify my life in the kitchen but never compromising the great taste and freshness that food deserves.
More importantly, I have learned how to put soul into preparing and eating food.
Thank you Lindsay
- Mary Medina
I had never done a clarity session before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit nervous but Lindsay led me through it with such a quiet assurance and gentleness. 

I was amazed at how she seemed to know exactly what question to ask at every turn,  helping me uncover my innermost truths. 

With Lindsay as my guide, I was able to discover a desire to continue down a path to which I was about to shut the door. 

I will be forever grateful for this realization.

- Samantha Hull
I have had the pleasure of Lindsay's TLC for the last few months. She is super caring, informed, and diligent in finding reasons, recipes, and possible cures for my "gut" issues. So glad I found her!  
- Linda Bohay
Her passion for gut health has only helped to bring awareness to my cooking principles and that translates to feeling satisfied yet invigorated after enjoying said meals.
- Dave Allison
Lindsay pours her soul into her work and has mastered the ability to use simplicity as a tool and purpose as a pursuit. 
You can tell that her mission is your well being and takes slow and gentle steps to get you there. 

Oh my goodness seriously listening to her wisdom has been beyond nurturing and helpful. 

- Marina Love
She talks about food, good food, organic food, where it comes from, what it does for your body, the kind of food that makes your mouth water and your cells celebrate with thankfulness.
She takes the saying soul food to a whole new level!
- Jessica Darlington
Lindsay was an outstanding key-note speaker. Her presentation was insightful, engaging and she made a lasting impact with our audience.
I loved working with her, her enthusiasm, spirit and devotion! Her willingness to get to know the organization was exceptional.
The fact that she not only spoke from the heart but also responded so articulately made her a speaker we would totally want to work with in the future.
She had us laughing, crying and learning !
— Sofia Nabila Echadli, Founder & CEO
A New Woman Today LLC
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I'm SO grateful that Lindsay got to be part of my first yoga retreat. She brought such amazing ideas that really complemented the yoga practice perfectly.

She facilitated two soul therapy workshops and each person received their own private clarity session with her. This addition really enhanced the chemistry of our group and individually allowed people to stop and think about what they really want and how to access it through tools and thought provoking exercises. 

Everyone just loved her because she is so warm and sweet and vulnerable on one hand and a strong woman that follows her dreams on the other hand.
I would absolutely love Lindsay to work with me again on a next retreat

- Marie-Pier Turgeon owner & Founder of MP Yoga
We hired Lindsay Davis of ONE WHOLE SOUL to help showcase body love through clean food for our Valentine’s Day event in February 2016 at our Lingerie store in Montreal. 
We had asked her to conceptualize clean food that had aphrodisiac properties. 
Lindsay's concept focused on simplicity, fresh flavours and a unique sense of visual perception. Her aesthetic of the food's presentation was stunning and the taste was exceptional!  People were amazed that food could be so healthy and yet be decadent in taste.
It was nice to also see mostly vegan food being served.  Therefore all invitees could indulge because all food sensitivities were looked after.  Lindsay demonstrated that food and healthy living is not complicated and that it's definitely tasty!
Lindsay was a pleasure to work with and we recommend her highly.
Vicky & Vanessa - Courval Lingerie


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We asked Lindsay to be part of our one year anniversary to celebrate our yoga studio.  She offered holistic health consultations to our members and they were really well received. 
Lindsay oozes with love, light and supportive energy- her generous spirit is always looking for ways in which to raise your vibration!
She is a role model of love! Love for self, others and life!
People smile after being in her presence. We have no doubt that she is great coach for people seeking structure and motivation to accomplish their goals!
- Nicole-Ann & James Dylan
Akasha Yoga Montreal