imagine this

you make yourself the priority, inside & out. awaken to what you really want, and begin to move towards what interests & Excites you!  

dive into things you never thought possible.

learn to love in ways that work for you.

create rich experiences, deeper relationships, and love ... lots & lots of love!  

a whole hearted lifestyle


soul-centred living  

light it up and live out loud


personalized pursuits

plan on it!

you'll learn 

how to explore the foundations of who you are, what you need, and the way your body works.







We work together to identify your individual challenges and customize a plan that you feel good about. The goal of this program is to provide tools, support and encouragement that leave you feeling clear, focused, and confident to take actionable steps towards the life you want.


your story, your soul

let's glow !

you'll get

to understand your body on a deeper level, and to figure out what works for you

Ready to leap into whole body healing? Together we will get real about how you feel by exploring what’s working and what’s not. Whether it’s a digestive disaster, dietary concerns, an overarching theme of stress and anxiety, or all of the above, we’ll dive into everything one step at a time.

This approach is completely customized to you. Through listening, learning and leaning in, we will measure what matters most and map out a custom approach that speaks to your unique needs. Helping you create the life you want, and most importantly, the roadmap for how to live it!


creative customized clarity

that's what i'm talkin about ! 


<> One 60-minute session per week at a local location (TBD) / or virtual

<> Post-session email follow-up

<> 12 live voice messages between sessions

<> A clear direction and tools to help you explore your intentions

<> Guided support in helping you to purposefully prioritize what matters most

<> Ability to make changes that you have been struggling with

<> A better understanding of what fuels your body 

<> Redesign your time to reflect your needs

<> Gain a renewed sense of balance 





how it works


we talk once a week via phone, the world wide web or in person.

our sessions are intuitive and open so that i can respond to what's happening for you as it takes place. 

no rules

no guidelines

no right or wrong

by giving voice to exactly how you feel each session becomes powerfully responsive to precisely what your mind, body and soul are craving.  





Once I receive notification that you are interested in, or have already purchased, your month-long package of one on one sessions with me (either via this website or through contacting me directly), you will receive a welcome email, containing your welcome package, which explains how I work.

From there, we will confirm your chosen times, and create our schedule of sessions via email. 

We kick things off with a heart-centred 60 minute Clarity Session to see what matters most to you. From there I customize soulful steps to move you towards your intention. 

We talk once a week to reflect on what's been happening for you, your efforts, your realizations, your successes, and your challenges. We then bring it back to your soulful goals by realigning you with your needs and intentions. 


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